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McLendon, Gordon (1921-1986)

Gordon McLendon was an American radio pioneer. His coin collection of ancient Greek and Roman coins was sold by Christie’s in 1993.

Moretti, Athos (1907-1993)

Dr. Athos Moretti used to collect paintings until his wife suggested a less bulky subject. Moretti then became an avid coin collector. His collection of Magna Graecia and Sicily was arguably the largest and most important ever assembled.

Magnaguti, Alessandro (1887-1966)

Italian Count Alessandro Magnaguti was a passionate collector of Mantovan, Hadrianic and Gonzaga coins – until he thought he had gathered everything possible. After WWII, he gave up his collection and sold his beloved coins – with one exception.

Mazzini, Giuseppe (1883-1961)

Giuseppe Mazzini was an Italian politician. Over his lifetime, he put together an impressive collection of 8.051 Roman Imperial coins with many great rarities and over 1,200 aurei. His collection was published as Monete imperiali romane in five volumes.

Montagu, Hyman (1844-1895)

Hymann Montagu was one of the great British coin collectors of the 19th century. He bought entire collections and inventories for his large collection of English hammered and milled coins, but also Greek and Roman coins, which was sold after his death by Sotheby.