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The Coronation Regalia of the Holy Roman Empire

Since 1424, the so-called Heiltumsweisung (Festival of Relics) was held each year in Nuremberg. On that occasion, the Imperial Regalia were taken out of the treasure chamber and presented to …

Medieval Sicily Part 4: The Normans are coming

Around AD 1000, Sicily was ruled and shaped by the Arabs, Lower Italy by the Byzantines and the Lombards. Then the Normans came and created a new empire in the South …

Rare Medieval coin on offer in Künker’s next auction sale – an unedited denarius of Charles the Great (768-814) from Bourges

In the March 2010 auction sale of the auction and coin trading company Fritz Rudolf Künker in Osnabruck an extraordinary coin from the reign of Charles the Great will be offered for sale.

Medieval Sicily Part 3: Arab Influence

The Arabs didn’t just rule Sicily. They had such an impact on its art and culture that this influence continued to have an effect long after the expulsion of the Muslim masters. This episode tells of what Europe owes to them.

The Casa Savoia – A Noble Family between Italy, France, and Switzerland Part 1

Auction house Gadoury will auction off an extensive collection Casa Savoia originating from the possessions of a gentleman of the royal family. In the first article of the three-part series you will learn more about how the counts of Savoy rose from a minor noble family to being protagonists of European politics.

Charles of Anjou and the Sicilian Vespers

19 children Frederick II had had but his family was to be wiped out only a few years after his death. The enmity of the Pope is to blame or that – and an extremely effective opponent…

Richard the Lionheart Ruins England

Richard the Lionheart is known as the epitome of a heroic king. Returning from the Holy Land he was captured in Austria and to be released only for an immense ransom. This incident had devastating repercussions for England.
By examining 12 coins we are going to stroll through Great Britain’s history – this is part 3.

Edward III – the Hundred Years War

In 1337 Eduard III, King of England was the only surviving grandson of the French King Philipp IV. Due to this reason Eduard laid claim on the French throne. And he made his claim visible to everybody issuing a new coin, the noble.
By examining 12 coins we are going to stroll through Great Britain’s history – this is part 4.

Charlemagne and the Popes – On the way to the Imperial crown

At Künker’s spring auction on March 12 and 13, 2012 a spectacular portrait Denarius of Charlemagne will be put to auction. The sole coin makes you dream. But the story behind it is fascinating as well: you can read it here.

A Struggle for Rome

During the auction week from October 8th-12th, Künker will be putting a rare solidus of Theodoric the Great up for auction. The piece, minted in Rome in the name of Emperor Anastasius I, presents a good opportunity to retell the history behind the coin.