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Splendor of a dynasty – the five family roubles of Tsar Nicholas I (1825-1855)

King Louis’ I “historic thaler” made impression in Russia and left it’s marks. Tsar Nicholas I struck similar coins with his family on the reverse. How this happened and why there are five different types you can read here…

Schaffhausen and Russia

On June 20, 2012 in Schaffhausen an exhibition was opened in occasion of 25 years Sturzenegger Foundation. In these years the numismatic department too has received many important acquisitions as for instance this jefímok on a Schaffhausen taler from the Tobler collection.

The Imperial Order of St. Andrew the Apostle the First-Called

On 4 October, 2014, auction house Künker will conduct its 10th sale of orders and decorations under #253 in Osnabrück. Part of the sale is a piece that breaks all records. The insignia of the Imperial Order of St. Andrew the Apostle the First-Called are estimated at 750,000 euros!

Prussian Spirit in Tsarist Russia

Peter III had ruled Russia for just six months. For this reason virtually all of his coins are rare. Künker will offer a very rare 10 rouble piece of that ruler in his sale 264 on June 25. It depicts Peter Prussian-style.

Bridges as a sign of the Russian-French friendship

On 1 February 2018, Künker will auction off a testimony to the French-Russian alliance of 1892 in its Berlin auction. It is a gold medal dedicated to the inauguration of the Trinity Bridge in Saint Petersburg. This bridge was built as a symbol of this alliance and it has the Pont Alexandre III in Paris as its counterpart.

Catherine the Great, Moscow and the Kremlin

An impressive gold medal of Catherine the Great, which will be auctioned off at the Künker Auction 306 on 23 March 2018, shows the magnificent view of a Moscow Kremlin Palace that never existed. Here is the explanation why.

A Platinum Set from 1839 that Once Belonged to Great Prince Georgy Mikhailovich

Platinum coins rank among the great and most sought-after rarities of Russian numismatics. In their upcoming Berlin Auction, auction house Künker will offer a complete set of said rarities of exceptional condition, which once belonged to Georgy Mikhailovich, arguably the most famous collector of Russian coins.

Lake Baikal gold treasure

“Glorious Sea, the Sacred Baikal”, that is how the “Baikal hymn” written by Dimitrij Davydov starts. The lake is affectionately referred to as “Pearl of Siberia” since it is the world’s biggest freshwater reservoir. Lake Baikal is…

Peter the Great as his nation’s barber

During the cultural revolution Peter the Great brought Russia, not only institutions were put in the crosshairs but the country’s population as well. The beard had to go – literally speaking…

The Battle of Poltava and a medal of Peter the Great

Once upon a time, there were two boozing companions hatching a plot how to deprive a juvenile of a part of his inheritance. What sounds like a perfect scenario for a Dickens novel can turn out tragic for entire peoples with the two buddies fond of tippling happen to rule Russia and Poland…