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Vondrovec, Klaus

Klaus Vondrovec is numismatist and director of the Vienna Coin Cabinet. In addition to his research on ancient coins and museum tasks, he is particularly interested in attracting a wide audience to numismatics.

Vogt, Simone

Simone Vogt is an archaeologist and numismatist, since 2007 she has been the curator in charge of the collection of coins and medals at the August Kestner Museum in Hannover.

van Alfen, Peter

Peter van Alfen is an economic historian, numismatist and nautical archaeologist. His research topics range from the political economies of archaic coinage and Greco-Roman commerce to medals of the First World War.

Van der Schueren, Jean-Luc

Jean-Luc Van der Schueren runs a numismatic dealership in Brussels. He is General Secretary and Executive Director of the International Association of Professional Numismatists.