Ehrnsten, Frida

Frida Ehrnsten (*1984) studied Archaeology at the University of Helsinki where she obtained her PhD with a thesis on the usage of coins in Finland during the Middle Ages in 2019.

Already during her MA studies, she first worked as museum assistant at the Coin cabinet of the National museum of Finland in Helsinki, from 2015 until 2018 she was a curator there, and has been keeper of the numismatic collection since 2018.

At the museum, her main tasks include dealing with coin finds and digitalising the collection. To this end, she is involved in a project which aims to develop mass digitalisation methods.

Her research interest lies in the Viking-age and medieval numismatics in Scandinavia. Besides her work at the museum she also occasionally gives numismatic lectures at the University of Helsinki.

In 2019 she organized two international numismatic meetings, one for Scandinavian and the other for Baltic numismatists. In connection to the latter one, the anthology “Numismatics in the centenary year of the Baltic States” was published.

In 2014 she received the young researchers award of the Swedish Numismatic Society.

Frida Ehrnsten was and has been member of the editorial committees of several scholarly journals such as the Nordic Numismatic Journal, the bulletin of the Nordic Numismatic Union, and of Finskt Museum.

She was and has been involved in several associations, for example as representative of the Nordic Numismatic Union, board member and vice chair of the Society for Medieval Archaeology in Finland, chair of the Association of Baltic Numismatists and member of the Finnish and the Swedish Numismatic Society.

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You can read her PhD thesis online.

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