Elshahawi, Almoatzbellah

Metal Conservator at the Egyptian Museum in Cairo

Almoatzbellah Elshahawi (*1988) studied Archaeological Conservation and Restoration at Cairo University and completed his studies with a diploma (2011) and a master’s degree (2017). Since 2018, he has been a PhD student at Cairo University, writing his thesis on the “Evaluation of the Efficiency of some Green Inhibitors with Nanomaterials Reinforcement for the Protection of Archaeological Bronze Artifacts”.

After his studies, he spent one year (2019-2020) as a graduate intern for antiquities conservation at the J. Paul Getty Museum (USA). Afterwards, Elshahawi worked at the Conservation Center of the Grand Egyptian Museum for six years. Since 2021, Elshahawi has been Object Conservator at the Egyptian Museum in Cairo.

Ever since his studies, his main focus has been on the conservation of metal objects, especially ancient coins. He also deals with production techniques and methods for assessing a coin’s authenticity.

Elshahawi participated in various international conferences, for example the 2022 International Numismatic Congress in Warsaw and the 2023 International Conference on Islamic Numismatics in Riyadh.

He is a member of several associations such as the International Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works (since 2022), the American Numismatic Society (since 2021) and the American Numismatic Association (since 2020).


You can find his profile at ResearchGate.

He can also be found in the Ancient Coins Counterfeits Scientific Network.

During his time at the J.P. Getty Museum, Elshahawi examined a bronze cat sculpture from Egypt and discovered what an odyssey this sculpture went through.

If you would like to contact Almoatzbellah Elshahawi, you may write him an email.