Flueck, Jonas

Owner and founder of Lugdunum and Ex-Numis

Jonas Emmanuel Flueck (*1985) is a historian, archaeologist, numismatist, and coin dealer. He combines a passion for dealing in coins with profound knowledge of the latest computer technology. The result of this is Ex-Numis, a website dedicated to the research of provenances which, for the first time, allows for automatically tracing the origin of coins that have already been depicted in catalogs.

Jonas Flueck studied history, art history, and archeology at the University of Lyon before finishing his master’s degree in ancient history and archaeology in 2008. During his undergraduate years already, he worked at excavations of the Cantonal Archaeology Offices of Solothurn and Lucerne. He gained additional experience in the numismatics of coin finds at excavations in France and Italy. Before he began dedicating his time to a doctorate in ancient history and archaeology at the University of Lyon, he studied abroad at the University of Durham in 2007 and worked as Assistant Find Liaison Officer of North East England in Newcastle-upon-Tine. In 2008, Jonas Flueck dipped his toe into the world of coin dealing. He made an internship in the department of numismatics at the auction house Spink in London. This was followed by numerous activities as freelance numismatist until 2012.

In 2013, he received his PhD with a work on the monetary circulation on the territory of the Lugdunum (Lyon) colony from the time of its foundation to the death of the emperor Septimius Severus. This topic served as an inspiration for the name of the coin dealership he founded it 2012: the Lugdunum GmbH.

While Jonas Flueck was establishing his own coin dealership, he also worked for various auction houses supporting them in the cataloging of their auctions. This then turned into a permanent position at Hess Divo AG. From 2014 to 2017, Jonas Flueck advanced to the position of managing director.

In 2016, Jonas Flueck and his wife Pauline Fabre-Flueck launched the project Ex-Numis. It is an online platform which, for the first time, can automatically research and determine the provenance of ancient coins using elaborate image detection software and an archive containing hundreds of thousands of digitalized images provided that they have been depicted in an auction catalog at some point in the past.

Since September of 2018, Jonas Flueck has returned to working full-time as the owner and executive director of his own company Lugdunum GmbH in Solothurn, a coin dealership and auction house offering e-auctions as well as public auctions.

Jonas Flueck is a member of the Verband der Schweizerischen Berufsnumismatiker (VSBN). In 2017, he held the office of treasurer of the IAPN. Since 2018, he has taken over the position of general secretary of the VSBN.

You can contact Jonas Flueck via email or his LinkedIn profile.

More information about the Lugdunum GmbH is available online.

Ex-Numis allows you to analyze the provenance of your coins. CoinsWeekly has reported on it.

Further information about Jonas Flueck’s work at the Verband Schweizerischer Berufsnumismatiker can be obtained from the VSBN website. More on the changes in executive offices is available on MünzenWoche (German only).