Gushterakliev, Radoslav S.

Numismatist, archaeologist and historian

Radoslav S. Gushterakliev (*1962) is a numismatist, archaeologist and historian, focusing on antiquity. Since 1990, he is head of the archaeological and numismatic department and chief curator at the Regional History Museum in Lovech, Bulgaria. His main area of interest is Roman provincial coinage.

In 1986 Radoslav S. Gushterakliev graduated from university with an M.A. in History and Archaeology. Between 1988 and 1990 he was curator at “Kakrinsko Hanche”, a museum branch of the Regional History Museum in Lovech, Bulgaria.

To date, Radoslav S. Gushterakliev has written more than 45 articles and contributions, some of them also addressed to a broader lay audience, covering different subjects in the field of ancient numismatic, archaeology and regional history.

Please find the website of the working place of Radoslav S. Gushterakliev, the Lovech Regional History Museum, here.

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