Lertchitvikul, Nirat

Nirat Lertchitvikul became a full-time numismatist in 1979. He began his career in New York City, where he specialized in US coinage, but over the years his focus shifted to world coins and banknotes with emphasis on Asian rarities, his journeys have taken him throughout Asia – from China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, Thailand, Taiwan, Malaysia, Burma, Indonesia, Cambodia and many more.

In his work he is supported by his wife and invaluable partner Ping. He is also a PCGS expert.

Since 2016 Nirat and three additional organizers have been operating the Hong Kong Coin Show known as HKCS, creating an international form for all collectors, both hobbyists and professionals alike.


You can find more information on Nirat Lertchitvikul on the website of Stack’s Bowers Galleries and of the PCGS Experts.

He has also a LinkedIn profile.

And if you want to get in touch, just write him an e-mail.

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