Lobel, Richard

Director of Coincraft

Richard Lobel (*1946) is the director and owner of the coin dealership Coincraft, which is based in London.

Richard Lobel is originally from Cambridge (Massachusetts), where he founded his family business Coincraft in 1955. In 1968, he graduated from Boston University with a degree in International Business and Macro Economics. That same year, he left the United States and moved to England. Coincraft was reopened in England and moved to its current location right across the street from the British Museum in 1976.

During his professional career, Richard Lobel was listed 14 times in the Guinness Book of World Records for handling rare coins and banknotes. In 1972, he designed and produced the well-known “Lobel series” of 1936-dated fantasy medals featuring effigies of King Edward VIII who abdicated the British to marry Wallis Simpson.

Richard Lobel helped author and publish two important books on English, Scottish and Irish coins printed in the past 30 years.

Richard is one of just six members outside the United States to be a member of the Professional Numismatists Guild for the last 45 years. He is also a member of the Professional Currency Dealers Association (PCDA) and the Antiquity Dealers Association (ADA).

Richard can be reached via e-mail and his LinkedIn profile.

You can find out more about Coincraft online.

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Every three weeks, Coincraft publishes a 24-page newspaper called  “The Phoenix”.

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