Photo: Andrea Pancheri.

Pancheri, Andrea

Andrea Pancheri (*1974) is a trained graphic designer and studied history at the University of Innsbruck. She has been a member of the CoinsWeekly team since 1 April 2024, working in customer service and advertising. She has also been responsible for the layout and typography of our CoinsWeekly Special Issues since our issue for the NYINC in early 2024.

Born in Hall in Tyrol – the very place where Archduke Sigmund minted the first large silver coin (the guldiner) in 1484 – she has been fascinated by history since her early childhood.

For family reasons, she was unable to fulfil her dream of studying history at an early stage, which is why she completed an apprenticeship as a graphic designer. Her partner, Martin Holzknecht, gave her the decisive push to broaden her historical knowledge and venture into the realm of Tyrolean numismatics.

In 2014, she began studying history at the University of Innsbruck, and she wrote both her Bachelor’s and Master’s theses on numismatic topics. She self-published her Master’s thesis on the medals of Archduke Leopold V (1586-1632).

In 2022, Andrea Pancheri founded the company KLIO-Grafik e.U. to combine her two passions – the academic study of history and precisely customised graphics.

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