Pasmans, Patrick

Legal advisor, numismatist and expert in Persian coinage

Patrick Pasmans, LL.M, (*1968) studied at the Free University Brussels, where he received his Master’s degree in economical law and intellectual property law. After completing numerous postgraduate mediation degrees, he works now as a legal and pedagogical advisor, mediator and as a teacher for social law and international mediations at the Vives University College Kortrijk (Belgium).

Besides his legal career, Patrick Pasmans is a passionate numismatist. He is particularly interested in art medals and Persian coinage in the pre-Islamic period, especially the Parthian period. He published a total of more than 100 numismatic articles and co-authored “The medals of Pierre Theunis (1883-1950)” and the exhibition catalogue “Coins of Prince Philip William of Orange”.

Pasmans is involved in numerous numismatic associations. Among other things, he is an active member of the Royal Numismatic Society of Belgium (since 2010) and European secretary of the Oriental Numismatic Society (since 2019). He is also founder and honorary president of the Numismatic Society of Diest and, since 2006, editor of their magazine “De Muntmeester”.

Currently, Pasmans is working on a book on the coinage of the Kingdom of Characene in the region of Mesene (southern Iraq). From 2023, he will join the team of Prof. Dr. Stefan Hauser (University of Konstanz) as a numismatist during the excavations of the ancient city Charax Spasinou, the former capital of Characene.


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