Raab, Dieter

Numismatist and former owner of the coin house Dr. Busso Peus in Frankfurt

Dieter Raab (1938 2015) was 12 years old when he started to collect coins. During his first year as a student of business administration, Kurt Jaeger provided him with a holiday job at the Münzen und Medaillen AG in Basel, which made him become so infatuated with the coin trade that he started working right away, as assistant of Erich Cahn.
In 1967, Dieter Raab took over the coin house Dr. Busso Peus in Frankfurt, together with Peter Schulten. The company-takeover was subject to the condition that the name of the house should be retained. In 1973, he became the sole proprietor of the coin house, and in 2007, he passed over the management to his son Christoph Raab.
In his catalogs, Dieter Raab introduced the cataloging of German coins according to Imperial Circles.
For many years, he acted as a representative of the coin trade in the Numismatic Commission of the States of the Federal Republic of Germany.
Dieter Raab was a member of the Association of German Coin Dealers and the International Association of Professional Numismatists.
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