Slavova, Mariana A.

Ancient historian and numismatist

Mariana A. Slavova (*1959) is an ancient historian and numismatist. She obtained her MA in History in 1998. Keeper at the Regional History Museum in Haskovo, Bulgaria, since 1985, she is responsible for the museum’s numismatic department. 

The research interests of Mariana A. Slavova focus on coin circulation and coinage in ancient Thrace, more specifically in the middle reaches of the river Maritsa (Hebros), a river located in present-day South Bulgaria, between the 6th and the 1st century BC. 

The long-term studies Marina A. Slavova has conducted on bronze coins from Maroneia, Abdera and the Macedonian kings Philip II and Alexander III, are currently being published. In addition, Mariana A. Slavova has written more than 20 publications covering various subject-matters in the field of ancient numismatics. 

Apart from her work as an author, Marina A. Slavova is team member of the numismatic series “Coins Collections and Coin Hoards from Bulgaria” (CCCHBulg). She is also member of the editorial board at the Regional History Museum in Haskovo.

Information on the Regional History Museum in Haskovo is available here.