Wieschowski, Sebastian

Specialist Numismatic Author Focusing on Contemporary Numismatics and Bullion Products

Born in 1985 in northern Germany, Sebastian Wieschowski was introduced to the world of coin collecting as early as in his childhood. A mysterious cigar box containing world coins sparked his interest – he went on to create his first coin album with his grandparents, brought numismatic specialist journals to the dentist as reading material as a primary school child, and was known for making time go faster during biology lessons at grammar school as he discussed his latest coin purchases with his teacher.

In addition to pursuing his hobby, Sebastian Wieschowski completed a typical journalistic career: He was involved in the school and local newspapers, then completed his basic journalistic training at the Cologne Journalism School for Politics and Economics, obtained a diploma from the School of Journalism in Eichstaett, and completed his professional training at the “Schleswig-Holsteinischer Zeitungsverlag”, the local newspaper publisher of Schleswig-Holstein. At the same time, he wrote articles for national print and online media, focusing on consumer finances. After completing his studies, he shifted his focus to the transitional area between contemporary numismatics and bullion investment.

After the publication of his first guest article in the “Deutsches Münzen Magazin” (German Coin Magazine) at the young age of 16, Sebastian Wieschowski went on to regularly write articles for the “money trend” magazine as well as occasional pieces for “Münzen Revue” and “Münzen & Sammeln”, two highly popular magazines of the Battenberg-Gietl-Verlag in the German-speaking area. He also supported this publishing house in creating an online platform. Moreover, Sebastian Wieschowski provided the monthly “European Report” for the “Coin World” magazine (USA), the column “View from Europe” for the “Coin Collector” (Great Britain) as well as specialist articles for “World Coin News” (Active Interest Media, USA).

Sebastian Wieschowski joined the editorial team of CoinsWeekly in 2023, covering the fields of contemporary numismatics and bullion products. He also contributes his experience as a roving online reporter at numismatic events.

In addition to researching specialist essays, Sebastian Wieschowski has a particular passion for creating his own specialist books – including the “Bullion Book” with a focus on silver bullion coins, the first German panda coin catalogue (in collaboration with Michael Chou), an introduction to grading collector coins, and the “Schwarzbuch Münzfälschungen” (Black Book Counterfeits), which was honoured with an “extraordinary merit” at the 2018 Annual Writers’ Competition of the Numismatic Literary Guild (NLG). In 2023, the 2-euro coin catalogue, created by Sebastian Wieschowski as editor in charge for the Leuchtturm publishing house in Geesthacht, was awarded an NLG Award as Best Specialized Book in the World Coins category.

While his main focus as an author is on 2-euro coins and silver bullion coins, as a collector Sebastian Wieschowski is particularly fascinated by coins of the German Empire, World Coins from his favourite travel destinations of Iceland, Estonia and Luxembourg, as well as 19-century gold coins. Moreover, he collects newspapers from the 17th to 19th centuries.

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