The Design of the Circulation Euro Coins: Italy – 1 Cent – Castel del Monte

The euro coins are a splendid means for all countries in the eurozone to convey their own self-conception. Why did the Italians choose to depict solely works of art on their euro coins? And how important a role does famous Castel del Monte, built by Frederick II, play in Italian national identity?

Ball Games in Ancient Mexico

Only three days to go until the 2014 FIFA World Cup final. The players of the victorious team will become national heroes. The losers, on the other hand, will travel home, defeated, yet considerably richer than when they arrived at Brazil. They face a much happier fate than the players of the Mayan ball games.

Switzerland’s Most Precious Coins

From 2 to 12 May 2017, the international auction house Rapp, with Chaponnière & Firmenich SA, will present L’EXCELLENCE SUISSE in Wil. Exhibiting the most rare coins, it tells the story of Switzerland’s coins and documents the creation of the Swiss Franc.