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Syracuse, Decadrachm. Today in the British Museum (1922,1109.1). From the Sotheby, Wilkinson and Hodge auction in 1895 as part of the collection of the Earl of Ashburnham.

Addington, Samuel (1806-1886)

Samuel Addington was a woollen merchant. He collected modern and ancient coins and was known to purchase pieces at incredibly high prices. An extremely rare Syracusan decadrachm from his collection is now in the British Museum. An article by John Voukelatos.

Abels, Björn-Uwe (born 1941)

Prof. Dr. Björn-Uwe Abels holds a lifelong passion for India. His collection includes coins from various regions, cultures and eras of the subcontinent, about which he has also published numerous articles.

Adda, Victor A. (1885-1965)

Victor Adda was born from a banking family installed in Cairo. His large coin collection even arose the interest of the Italian king Victor Emmanuel III. Adda documented his entire collection in a meticulous catalog that has only one fault typical of its time.

Armstrong, Martin Arthur (b. 1949)

Martin Armstrong got interested in rare coins at the age 13 when he began to work in a coin shop. Later he opened his own business and became famous for predicting commodity prices and developing his Economic Confidence Model.

Arnaud, Pierre (1922-1996)

Pierre Arnaud was a French entrepreneur who built a refined collection of coins. From the moment on when he was assisted by Hans Voegtli, Arnaud continued only to collect Greek and Roman high grade coins.