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A Unique Set: The Gold Off-Metal Strikes of Bavarian “Geschichtstalers”

There are probably no other 19th-century coins that have shaped our modern coinage as significantly as these: King Ludwig I of Bavaria created the first ever series of commemorative coins in the modern sense of the term. In 1902, Philipp von Ferrary commissioned the Bavarian State Mint to produce gold off-metal strikes of these coins. Numismatica Genevensis will be offering seven of these unique pieces at its auction this autumn.

A Testimony to the Habsburgs’ Claim to Power: The Three Emperors Issue

Künker offers two gold coins of the so-called Three Emperors Issue as part of the sale of the Salton Collection. We summarize what is known about these mysterious pieces, which are symbolic of Habsburgs’ claim to power.

Numismatic Bookplates – a Wonderful Field of Collection

On 2 and 3 November 2020, auction house Künker in Osnabrück will auction off the library of coin dealer Alain Poinsignon. Just like every great library, it contains books that were previously owned by other numismatists and coin collectors. Bookplates tell this story. And we tell some stories about the bookplates.

Collector, Maecenas, Patient – The Tragic Life of Rudolf II. Part 3: The Collector

As a result of the Turkish war, Rudolf saw his God-given omnipotence tarnished. Thus, the melancholy emperor sought refuge in his art collection, for which he always had money. However, this didn’t help him against his ambitious brother Matthias.

A Life’s Work of Royal Glory, Immortalized on Metal and Paper

Auction house Künker offers in its upcoming eLive Auction 58 precious and useful pieces of numismatic literature. The offer includes two editions of the most important work on the medals of the Sun King.

Erasmus of Rotterdam in Basel – part 2: The inheritance of Bonifacius Amerbach

You can still have a look at Erasmus of Rotterdam’s collection until this day, because the collector Bonifacius Amerbach kept it and gave it to the city. In this episode, among other things, you will see the chest, Amerbach kept the estate in.

A Platinum Set from 1839 that Once Belonged to Great Prince Georgy Mikhailovich

Platinum coins rank among the great and most sought-after rarities of Russian numismatics. In their upcoming Berlin Auction, auction house Künker will offer a complete set of said rarities of exceptional condition, which once belonged to Georgy Mikhailovich, arguably the most famous collector of Russian coins.

Munich Auction House offers Objects from the Moussaieff Collection

On June 30, 2017, the Munich auction house Gorny & Mosch will offer objects from the collection of Israeli jeweler Shlomo Moussaieff. They bear testimony to an extraordinary man with an unusual biography.

A King at a pinch – the stolen coin collection of Victor Emmanuel III of Italy

A King dealing in coins – that sounds preposterous? Well, in 1944 the satirical magazine “Nebelspalter” published a caricature of the same tenor which was understood throughout Europe. Victor Emmanuel’s passion for coins was proverbial. He is said to have collected 120,000 pieces as the foundation of the most important publication of Italian coinage, the CNI, whose first volume was published exactly 100 years ago…

Leo Mildenberg

In the first semester of 2011, the glorious history of the Bank Leu / Leu Numismatik AG and LHS Numismatik AG will come to an end. Hence, it is time to look back when Leo Mildenberg left a decisive imprint on the numismatic scene in Zurich…