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Zagorowski, Michael

After a career as a tax expert, Michael Zagorowski turned his hobby into a profession and has been working as a numismatist at SINCONA ever since. In 2023, he started the project numindex, a kind of stock index for coins.

Zhou, Shouyuan

Shouyuan Zhou is the founder and CEO of Shouxi.com, China’s arguably most important numismatic website. He is Executive Consignment Director of China at Stack’s Bowers and a co-founder of the Hong Kong Coin Show.

Zgorzynski, Peter

Peter Zgorzynski is Künker’s representative in the Rhine-Main area and works as sworn expert for gold and silver coins struck after 1871 as well as gold and silver bars.

Ziegler, Ruprecht

Ruprecht Ziegler is an Austrian ancient historian and numismatist. His research focuses on numismatics, epigraphy, economic and religious history of the Eastern Roman provinces, primarily of Cilicia – and, as of late, also local history of the ‘long nineteenth century’.

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Zeno, Apostolo (1668-1750)

The Italian journalist, poet and librettist Apostolo Zeno was also an avid coin collector in the 18th century. His collection of around 10,766 coins was preserved in a monastery until it was sold by the Dorotheum between 1955 and 1957.