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Callataÿ, François de

François de Callataÿ is an extremely versatile Belgian numismatist. His research focuses on Hellenistic monetized economy. He is an awardee of the Francqui-prize (2007) and is Head of Department at the Royal Library of Belgium. Today, he teaches in Brussels and Paris. Hist publication list is almost inexhaustible.

Cederlind, Tom

As founder and owner of the auction house Tom Cederlind Numismatics & Antiquities, Tom Cederlind was specialized in Greek and Roman coins and objects.

Conzett, Jürg

Strictly speaking, Jürg Conzett is a financial analyst. With his MoneyMuseum, he tries to motivate people to reflect about their own attitude towards money and about money in general. To this end, he has assembled a coin collection, among other things.