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Carlberg, Dan

Dan Carlberg is a Swedish numismatist and auctioneer. He is co-owner of the Myntauktioner i Sverige auction house and published numerous articles on Swedish numismatics and monetary history.

Cayón, Juan Jr.

Juan Cayón Jr is Managing Director of the coin dealership Cayón Subastas in Madrid. In 2005 he took over the company from his father. Before dedicating himself completely to the coin trade, he worked as a corporate lawyer and expert in that field.

Casoli, Andrea

Andrea Casoli is a Swiss numismatist and has been working as a curator at the coin cabinet of the Basel Historical Museum since 2020. He mainly works on ancient coinage and the monetary history of Switzerland.

Cheung, Kelvin

Kelvin Cheung is Global Head of Banknotes at Spink and Head of Numismatics for Spink China. The trained medical doctor came to Spink as a collector and has been responsible for Spink’s global banknote business including several auctions a year since 2014.

Cappellari, Damiano

The Italian collector and publicist Damiano Cappellari proposed a new term for numismatist: nummophile. It expresses what drives him: the love for coins, the passion for the history of collecting.

Martínez Chico, David

David Martínez Chico is an ancient historian, numismatist, as well as the founder and editor-in-chief of Revista Numismática Hécate. One central topic of his fields of research is the monetization and coin supply in Hispania from Augustus’ times to the 5th century AD.

Calomino, Dario

Dario Calomino is an archaeologist and numismatist. As Project Curator at the London British Museum, he investigates the coinage, policy and civic life in the Roman Imperial provinces at the end of the Severan Age.

Curtis, Vesta Sarkhosh

Vesta Sarkhosh Curtis is an archaeologist and numismatist. She is Curator of Middle Eastern Coins at the British Museum, London and Joint Director of the International Parthian Coin Project.

Caltabiano, Maria Caccamo

Maria Caccamo Caltabiano is an archaeologist and numismatist. She is Full Professor of Greek and Roman Numismatics at the University of Messina and Vice-President of the International Numismatic Council.

Cribb, Joe

Joe Cribb is a numismatist and former Keeper of Coins and Medals at the British Museum. He is an expert in monetary history and Asian currencies, with a main focus on coins of the Kushan Empire.