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Bühler-Zimmermann, Fredy (1938-2021)

Fredy Bühler-Zimmermann was a passionate collector of coins, medals and securities of the Swiss canton of Glarus. He wrote several numismatic books and was President of the Historical Society of the Canton of Glarus (HVG) for 10 years.

Ryan, Valentine John Eustace (1882-1947)

Not the most usual combination: V.J.E. Ryan was an Irish mountaineer and first climber of a number of Swiss mountain peaks, while he was also a passionate coin collector, active in the Royal Numismatic Society as well as the British Numismatic Society.

Walter, John Whitney (1934-2018)

John W. Walter was a businessman and a passionate collector. The cousin of President Donald Trump put together a superb collection of Roman aurei, auctioned off as “The Men of Rome”. His collection of early American coins brought him the nickname “Mr. 1796”.

Tyszkiewicz, Józef (1850-1905)

Count Józef Tyszkiewicz was a polish numismatist and coin collector. He published books on Polish and Lithuanian coins and medals, which was also his field of collection.

Salton, Mark

Mark Salton was the son of the famous Jewish coin dealer Felix Schlessinger. With the end of the Jewish coin dealerships in Germany he moved to the USA where he built up a very impressive coin collection together with his wife Lottie.

Schlessinger, Max

To read the article on Max Schlessinger, please go to our Who’s who entry “Mark Salton”.

Herzfelder, Ernst Moritz (1865-1923)

Ernst Herzfelder was the director of a Viennese brewery. His large coin collection was sold anonymously by Jacob Hirsch and Brüder Egger, while his many coins of Hadrian went to the Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna.

Mazzini, Giuseppe (1883-1961)

Giuseppe Mazzini was an Italian politician. Over his lifetime, he put together an impressive collection of 8.051 Roman Imperial coins with many great rarities and over 1,200 aurei. His collection was published as Monete imperiali romane in five volumes.

Jameson, Frédéric-Robert (1861-1942)

Robert Jameson was a banker and numismatic expert. He published scholarly articles on Greek coin finds and acquired a large collection of ancient coins which were published in various volumes.

Kozinowski, Otto (1939-1994)

Otto Kozinowski changed his career as a mathematician to pursue a job in the coin trade because numismatics was his true passion. And this passion went beyond his specialty of Coburg coinage – his extensive library bore witness to that.