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Ponton D’Amécourt, Gustave (1825-1888)

Viscount Gustave Ponton d’Amécourt was a French inventor who inspired Jules Verne, an archaeologist, numismatist, and founder of the French Numismatic Society. He collected medieval and ancient coins on a very large scale.

Vermeule III, Cornelius Clarkson (1925-2008)

Cornelius Clarkson Vermeule III was an American researcher of ancient art and curator of classical art at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. He built up a collection of Roman bronze coins.

Bunbury, Edward Herbert (1811-1895)

Sir Edward Herbert Bunbury was an English barrister, Member of Parliament, and Vice President of the Numismatic Society of London. He collected ancient coins and published extensively on this subject.

Guber, Howard Peter (b. 1942)

Howard Peter Guber is not only a fifty-time Academy Award nominee, former Studio Chief of Columbia Pictures, and CEO of Sony Pictures, but also a passionate collector of ancient coins.

Moretti, Athos (1907-1993)

Dr. Athos Moretti used to collect paintings until his wife suggested a less bulky subject. Moretti then became an avid coin collector. His collection of Magna Graecia and Sicily was arguably the largest and most important ever assembled.

Voirol, August (1884-1967)

Dr. August Voirol was a Swiss gynecologist, President of the Circulus Numismaticus Basiliensis and vice-president of the Swiss Numismatic Society. He wrote lenghty commentaries on most items of his collection of ancient coins.

Desneux, Jules (1885-1962)

Dr. Jules Desneux was a Belgian dermatologist and collecrtor of ancient coins. He was President of the Royal Numismatic Society of Belgium and wrote extensively on Greek coins.

Ebert, Robert Oliver (1927-2008)

American entrepreneur and investor Robert Oliver Ebert built first-rate collections of art, firearms and coins. Ebert’s coin collections were focused on Hadrianic and Greek coins.

Benz, Leo (1906-1996)

The Swiss engineer Leo Benz was an avid coin collector attached to the history of Rome. This was reflected by his coin collection.

Magnaguti, Alessandro (1887-1966)

Italian Count Alessandro Magnaguti was a passionate collector of Mantovan, Hadrianic and Gonzaga coins – until he thought he had gathered everything possible. After WWII, he gave up his collection and sold his beloved coins – with one exception.