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Plankenhorn, Gerhard (born 1941)

Gerhard Plankenhorn is a great lover and connoisseur of Asia Minor. Over decades he built up a collection of several thousands of Greek and Roman coins from Asia Minor.

Hall, Henry Platt (1863-1949)

Henry Platt Hall was chairman of textile machinery makers and a coin collector. His collection of more than 2,300 Greek, Roman and Byzantine coins was auctioned by Glendining’s in 1950. But he also collected British coins.

McLendon, Gordon (1921-1986)

Gordon McLendon was an American radio pioneer. His coin collection of ancient Greek and Roman coins was sold by Christie’s in 1993.

Engel-Gros, Frédéric (1843-1918)

Frédéric Engel-Gros was a collector from Alsace. His collection comprised in particular ancient coins and Renaissance medals. After his death many items went to French museums and libraries.

Walty-Hüssy, Max (1882-1969)

Born in 1882, Max Walty-Hüssy built up an impressive collection of Swiss gold and silver coins, which he meticulously tended to with great passion, as his great-grandson remembers.

Witschonke, Richard Beyer (1945-2015)

Richard Beyer Witschonke is one of the best known collectors of coins from the Roman Republic.

Globus, Alfred R. (1920-2009)

Alfred R. Globus was not only a professor of biochemistry and founder of the cosmetic and pharmaceutical research company United Guardian, Inc. but also collected coins and stamps of great importance.

Bolla, Ferruccio (1911-1984)

Ferruccio Bolla was a Swiss judge and a passionate collector of ancient Roman gold coins.

Hollschek, Karl (1859-1941)

Austrian numismatist Karl Hollschek built up one of the largest private coin collections of his time. This collection, compiled by Hollschek in Vienna from the end of the 19th century until his death in 1941, is estimated to have comprised around 220,000 coins.

Blaschegg, Dr. med. Max (1930-2021)

Coins were a passion for the trained doctor Max Blaschegg. In almost eight decades he built up an extensive collection of several thousand coins forming a classic universal collection, ranging from ancient Greece to contemporary Euro coins.