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Eric ten Brink (born 1968).

Brink, Eric ten

Eric ten Brink built a special collection of 1,800 coins of Hadrian. His particular interest was dedicated to coins from Alexandria, cistophori, and Eastern denarii.

Needleman, Saul Ben (1927-2019)

Saul Ben Needleman was a coin collector with a professional background in biochemistry. His numismatic interests concentrated on ancient coinage, English hammered coinage, coins of Israel, and Judaica.

Ricard, Charles J. (1930-2017)

Charles Ricard, a bank auditor for profession, collected US coins and was most known for his collection of Napoleonic medals.

Boyer, Alden Scott (1887-1953)

Alden Scott Boyer started with revolutionary period currency and finally concentrated on classical Greek coins. For what he collected beyond coins, he purchased a bank building in Chicago to house the Boyer Museum of American Curiosities.

Slabaugh, Arlie R. (1925-2007)

Arlie R. Slabaugh was a collector and author of many books, among them many on paper money. He founded The Hobby Spotlite, and was by 1948 the first full-time dealer in world paper money in the United States.

Flower, Harry (1912-2000)

Harry Flower specialized in Judaica in Numismatics, particularly tributes to Albert Einstein. From 1969 to 1972 he served as President of the Israel Numismatic Society of Illinois.

Björn-Uwe Abels (born 1941)

Prof. Dr. Björn-Uwe Abels holds a lifelong passion for India. His collection includes coins from various regions, cultures and eras of the subcontinent, about which he has also published numerous articles.

Ramskold, Lars (born 1954)

One of the many passions of Lars Ramskold is numismatics. He built up an impressive and record-setting collection of coins from Constantine I the Great and also published articles on numerous coins.

Smedley, Glenn B. (1902-1987)

Glenn B. Smedley started his collecting career with U.S. Type Coins and paper money but is best known for his catalog of Brenner medals, which is now a standard reference.

Bradfield, Elston G. (1906-1977)

Elston G. Bradfield is especially known for his articles in The Numismatist and the Numismatic Scrapbook. He was editor of The Numismatist for over eleven years.