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Abels, Björn-Uwe (born 1941)

Prof. Dr. Björn-Uwe Abels holds a lifelong passion for India. His collection includes coins from various regions, cultures and eras of the subcontinent, about which he has also published numerous articles.

Ramskold, Lars (born 1954)

One of the many passions of Lars Ramskold is numismatics. He built up an impressive and record-setting collection of coins from Constantine I the Great and also published articles on numerous coins.

Smedley, Glenn B. (1902-1987)

Glenn B. Smedley started his collecting career with U.S. Type Coins and paper money but is best known for his catalog of Brenner medals, which is now a standard reference.

Bradfield, Elston G. (1906-1977)

Elston G. Bradfield is especially known for his articles in The Numismatist and the Numismatic Scrapbook. He was editor of The Numismatist for over eleven years.

Boosel, Harry X (1912-1994)

Harry X Boosel was a collector of U.S. coins. He wanted to be called “Mr. 1873” because of his extensive study of the coinage of that year, to the eventual exclusion of almost everything else.

Hewitt, Lee Francis (1911-1987)

Lee Francis Hewitt authored many books on US numismatics and founded, in 1935, Numismatic Scrapbook Magazine. Many may remember him for his famous note: “There is no Santa Claus in numismatics”.

Ripstra, J. Henri (1881-1961)

J. Henri Ripstra was a founding member and president of the Chicago Coin Club, president of the ANA, and a collector of Lincolniana. A tool and die maker by profession he produced himself dies for many medals and numismatic badges.

Sheldon, M. Vernon (1901-1982)

M. Vernon Sheldon specialized in U.S. and ancient Greek and Roman coins. Later he collected US currency, particularly a group of the “coin notes” of 1890. Sheldon was an ANA President and, in 1941, secured the Chicago Coin Club life membership in the ANA.

Dunham, William Forrester (1857-1936)

The prosperous druggist William Forrester Dunham collected coins from various fields ranging from Greek coins to papal medals. His collection of U.S. coins was particularly famous.

Rackus, Alexander Michaels (1893-1965)

Dr. Alexander Michaels Rackus was a specialist in Lithuanian numismatics. He built the world’s largest collection of Lithuanian numismatic and ethnographic material and served as Curator at the Museum of Culture in Kaunas.