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Haviland, Randy (1949-2012)

Randy Haviland was a U.S. Marine veteran and came from a family of collectors. He collected U.S. coins, paper currency and ancient coins.

Sneh, Harry Naftali (1953-2013)

Harry Naftali Sneh was an Israeli American coin collector who first specialised in currency. His following collection of ancient coins was sold by Harlan J. Berk in 2012 and 2013.

Du Chastel de la Howardries, Alberic (1842-1919)

Belgian aristocrat Alberic Du Chastel de la Howardries was one of the world’s main buyers of ancient coins. He also owned the Aitna tetradrachm, a specimen that is known as the most beautiful coin in the world today.

Zeno, Apostolo (1668-1750)

The Italian journalist, poet and librettist Apostolo Zeno was also an avid coin collector in the 18th century. His collection of around 10,766 coins was preserved in a monastery until it was sold by the Dorotheum between 1955 and 1957.

Feirstein, Barry R. (b. 1952)

Barry Feirstein is a keen investor in big tech companies and the film industry. As a teenager he collected American coins, and later built up a collection of ancient coins.

Signorelli, Angelo (1876-1952)

Dr Angelo Signorelli was a famous Italian humanist, physician to famous people and collector of Italian coins, and of ancient vases and coins, partly excavated by himself.

Sartiges, Louis Edmond Paul de (1859-1924)

The viscount and French diplomat Louis Edmond Paul de Sartiges possessed a remarkable collection of ancient Greek and Roman coins beside a collection of Japanese color prints.

Engstrom, J. Eric (b. 1943)

J. Eric Engstrom is a lawyer from Wichita, Kansas. He has been collecting coins for over 70 years from ancient to British coins, medals and tokens. Engstrom has also published several numismatic books and numerous articles.

Fontana, Carlo D’Ottavio (1774-1832)

Carlo d’Ottavio Fontana was a notable Swiss businessman and collector. He was said to have owned over 40,000 coins, mainly ancient but also of the Trieste bishops.

Vidal Quadras y Ramón, Manuel (1818-1894)

Don Manuel Vidal Quadras y Ramón was owner of a trading and banking house in Barcelona and a well-known coin collector. His possession was the largest and most treasured coin collection in the late 19th century’s Spain.