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Leonard, Robert D. Jr. (b. 1942)

Robert D. Leonard is a coin collector and a trained journalist. He combined both interests and has published many articles and books on his research topics as pre-monetary forms of payment, medieval coinage, and early American coinage.

Lertchitvikul, Nirat

Nirat Lertchitvikul is Director of Asian Operations at Stack’s Bowers & Ponterio, Ltd. He became a full-time numismatist in 1979 and is an expert in Asian coins and medals. Since 2016 Nirat Lertchitvikul has been one of the four organizers of the Hong Kong Coin Show.

Lobel, Richard

Richard Lobel is a renowned coin dealer and the director of Coincraft in London. He has been a leading expert in numismatics and the direct marketing of collectibles for decades.

Linzalone, Joseph

Joseph Linzalone has been a professional coin dealer since 1977. He is Director at Wolfshead Gallery and specializes in electrum.

Leimus, Ivar

Ivar Leimus is not only an internationally reknown expert in numismatics of the Baltic region. He is also one of the few numismatists, who can easily communicate in several languages.

Leschhorn, Wolfgang

Wolfgang Leschhorn is one of these versatile numismatists who have dealt with ancient as with modern coins with equal expertise. His academic home, however, is most likely Roman Provincial coinage.