Atlas Numismatics

Atlas Numismatics ⸱ November 2023 Fixed Price List ⸱ 2 November 2023 ⸱ Online

Atlas Numismatics has updated their inventory with 409 new high-quality coins, medals and tokens at fixed prices.


Künker ⸱ Auktion 393 ⸱ 27-28 September 2023 ⸱ Osnabrück

On 27 and 28 September 2023, Künker auctioned off the Lodewijk S. Beuth Collection with about 1,200 lots of Dutch coins minted between 1795 and the present. The coins broke one record after the other. Ten lots realized six-figure hammer prices. We present them here.


Künker ⸱ eLive Premium Auction 398-399 ⸱ 17-18 November 2023 ⸱ Online

On 17 and 18 November, Künker will hold their eLive Premium Auctions 398 and 399. Auction 398 contains about 1100 lots with world coins and medals, focusing on the German states. Auction 399 is dedicated to the Alois Wenninger Library.

Nomos AG

Nomos AG ⸱ Nomos 30 ⸱ 6 November 2023 ⸱ Zurich

Nomos 30 includes a wide variety of Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Islamic, and Medieval coins. Let’s dive in with Alan Walker.

Cayón Subastas

Cayón Subastas ⸱ Eauction 414 ⸱ 16 November 2023 ⸱ Online

In the upcoming sale, Cayón presents 424 lots including Greek and Roman coins as well as rare and sought after Spanish coins.

Heidelberger Münzhandlung

Heidelberger Münzhandlung ⸱ Auction 87 ⸱ 14 -15 November 2023 ⸱ Heidelberg

Heidelberger Münzhandlung presents its November sale. It contains interesting issues from ancient times to the present. Collectors of German coins will discover a broad selection of high-quality specimens. And there is also a rich offer of pieces from all other areas.

Frankfurter Münzhandlung Nachf. GmbH

Frankfurter Münzhandlung Nachf. GmbH ⸱ Auction 157 ⸱ 3 November 2023 ⸱ Frankfurt a. M.

Frankfurter Münzhandlung presents its 157th auction with over 1000 lot numbers and a total estimate of EUR 800,000. The carefully selected offer includes the Roma Æterna collection and pieces of the House of Braunschweig-Lüneburg.

Einer der Höhepunkte von Künker Auktion 395 ist eine spektakuläre Goldmedaille zu 110 Dukaten, die aus dem persönlichen Besitz von Fürst Ferdinand I. von Bulgarien stammt. Diese Medaille führt uns mitten hinein in eine Zeit, in der Bulgarien seine Wirtschaft modernisierte. Der Fürst packte dabei tatkräftig mit an. Und die Eisenbahn spielte dabei eine zentrale Rolle.

Bulgaria, Prince Ferdinand I and the Railroad

One of the highlights of Künker’s auction 395 is a spectacular gold medal with a weight of 110 ductats. It was the personal property of Prince Ferdinand I. of Bulgaria. This medal takes us back into a period when Bulgaria modernized its economy. And the railroad system played a major role in this.

Nomisma Aste Verona

Nomisma Aste Verona ⸱ Auction 4 – From ASSAB to AFIS ⸱ 12 November 2023⸱ Verona

In auction 4, Nomisma Aste in Verona presents a collection that retraces the Italian presence abroad through coins and banknotes: Eritrea, Somalia, China, Albania and other territories that were occupied by or connected to Italy.

The so-called Madara Rider is to be depicted on Bulgaria’s cent coins. Photo: Octopus / CC-BY-SA-3.0

Bulgaria and the Euro: the Current Situation

The plan was for Bulgaria to become a member of the eurozone by January 2024. However, this timeline will not be met. Find out more about the state of negotiations and the motifs that will be depicted on future Bulgarian euro coins.