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Elshahawi, Almoatzbellah

Almoatzbellah Elshahawi is a conservator in Cairo. He specialises in metal objects – mostly coins. He is interested in how to conserve and restore coins, how they were produced and how to tell if they are genuine or fake.

Ehrnsten, Frida

Frida Ehrnsten is a Finnish archaeologist and numismatist. She is curator at the National museum of Finland in Helsinki, where she mainly deals with new coin finds and with creating a digital collection.

Eymery, Muriel

Muriel Eymery was a multilingual numismatic expert and business woman. She worked as Vice President of International Business Development at PCGS for many years before joining Spink in London as the Global Head of Coins & Medals at Spink in 2016.

Eigner, Eric

Eric Eigner is a renowned coin dealer from Australia. He is the manager of Drake Sterling Numismatics in Sydney, which he founded in 2006.

Elkins, Nathan T.

Nathan T. Elkins is Associate Professor of Art History, Greek and Roman, at Baylor University, Waco/Texas. He is an expert in Roman numismatics, especially imperial coinage and coin iconography.

Emmerig, Hubert

Hubert Emmerig is Associate Professor of Numismatics and Monetary History, focusing on medieval and modern times, at the Institute for Numismatics and Monetary History at Vienna University as well as lecturer of Numismatics at LMU Munich.

England Jr., Victor

Victor England is a coin dealer based in Lancaster / Pennsylvania. In 1990, he founded, together with Eric McFadden, Classical Numismatic Group Numismatics Ltd., which also operates in Europe. He is head of the company’s American branch.