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Hewitt, Lee Francis (1911-1987)

Lee Francis Hewitt authored many books on US numismatics and founded, in 1935, Numismatic Scrapbook Magazine. Many may remember him for his famous note: “There is no Santa Claus in numismatics”.

Hall, Henry Platt (1863-1949)

Henry Platt Hall was chairman of textile machinery makers and a coin collector. His collection of more than 2,300 Greek, Roman and Byzantine coins was auctioned by Glendining’s in 1950. But he also collected British coins.

Hollschek, Karl (1859-1941)

Austrian numismatist Karl Hollschek built up one of the largest private coin collections of his time. This collection, compiled by Hollschek in Vienna from the end of the 19th century until his death in 1941, is estimated to have comprised around 220,000 coins.

Haviland, Randy (1949-2012)

Randy Haviland was a U.S. Marine veteran and came from a family of collectors. He collected U.S. coins, paper currency and ancient coins.

Herzfelder, Ernst Moritz (1865-1923)

Ernst Herzfelder was the director of a Viennese brewery. His large coin collection was sold anonymously by Jacob Hirsch and Brüder Egger, while his many coins of Hadrian went to the Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna.

Huntington, Archer Milton (1870-1955)

Archer Huntington set out to assemble a collection – not only of coins – from every period and every land where Spanish influence was felt. Huntington established New York’s Hispanic Society of America whom he bequeathed his over 37,000 coins.

Hunt, Nelson Bunker (1926-2014)

The Hunt brothers became legendary for their attempt to corner the world market in silver – and for losing a billion dollar in this vain effort. They were fervous coin collectors, too, and William allegedly was eager to buy every Byzantine gold coin in the world.