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Beals, Gary

Gary Beals specialises in Spanish coins and crowns of the Americas. The qualified journalist has published extensively on his specialist field, including a numismatic dictionary.

Bytheway, Simon James

Simon Bytheway is an Australian scholar on the financial and economic history of Asia, and of Japan in particular. He teaches at Nihon University.

Baumbach, Daniel

Daniel Baumbach is a numismatist and historian with a heart for medals. Since November 2019, he has been working for CoinsWeekly and the Numismatic Press Service Kampmann.

Bransbourg, Gilles

Gilles Bransbourg is an economist and historian, and holds the position of Deputy Director at the American Numismatic Society. His research focuses on Roman monetary and economic history.

Basok, Alexander

Alexander Basok is a numismatist, coin dealer and author. This specialist for coins from his native country Russia as well as Eastern Europe, living today in the USA, has his own coin dealership called “Rusty Penny”.

Bendall, Simon

Simon Bendall knew the numismatic world in its various forms. A collector from early on, he was known as a scholar and was a dealer specialized in Byzantine coinage for almost 40 years. If you elected ‘Mister Byzantium’, he would be a good choice.

Bursche, Aleksander

Aleksander Bursche is full professor at the Institute of Archaeology, University of Warsaw. He specializes in Roman and Barbarian numismatics and relationships between the Classical World and the Barbarians.

Beck, Albert M.

Albert M. Beck founded the MünzenRevue and had been its chief editor for many decades. Founded in 1972, his Basel Coin Fair, renamed World Money Fair, became the most important market place for modern numismatics worldwide.

Baseri, Khadijeh (Zohreh)

Khadijeh (Zohreh) Baseri is an Iranian numismatist. In Tehran, she serves as keeper and curator of coins and seals at the National Museum of Iran.

Berman, Allen G.

Allen G. Berman is a coin dealer, collector and author. His witty side expresses itself in his founding of the fictitious numismatic Kingdom of Bermania which he rules as King Alanus I.