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Wieschowski, Sebastian

Sebastian Wieschowski is a freelance writer focusing on contemporary numismatics and bullion products. With his own book projects and video content, he covers numismatic trends and addresses coin topics of the future.

Wasserthal, Dirk

Dirk Wasserthal is an expert for modern numismatic rarities. By founding Wasserthal RareCoin.Store, he turned his passion into a profession.

Wright, Tim

Tim Wright is a numismatic author and a collector of ancient coins. He is focused on the coins of pre-Roman Britain, a topic he has written a book about.

Wolf, Carl (b. 1947)

Carl Wolf was the first living member inducted into the Chicago Coin Club Hall of Fame. For years he conducted the very popular Numismatic Theater at the ANA Conventions and published a guide for numismatic speakers.

Wang, Helen

Helen Wang is a specialist in Asian coinage and Curator of East Asian Money at the British Museum in London. Moreover, Helen Wang translates Chinese literature.

Willis, Alastair

Alastair Willis is archaeologist and Senior Curator of Numismatics and the Welsh Economy at the National Museum of Wales. In his research he focuses on the monetary history of Wales, and he assists Welsh Finds Liaison Officers with numismatic enquiries.

Wacks, Mel

Mel Wacks is an expert in Jewish coins and co-founder of several American numismatic associations. He founded what probably is the longest-running private medal series.

Wienand, Johannes

Johannes Wienand is professor of Ancient History at the Technical University Brunswick, director of the coin cabinet of the Herzog Anton Ulrich-Museum at Brunswick and founder and spokesperson of the network NUMiD.

Walker, Alan

Alan Walker is not just well known for his brilliant catalogues but also for his witty humour. He worked at the Bank Leu, Leu Numismatics and LHS for many years and in 2008 he became director of Nomos AG in Zurich.

Wetterstrom, Kerry K.

Kerry K. Wetterstrom is a staff numismatist at Classical Numismatic Group. He edited “The Celator” for 13 years and is regarded as one of the hobby’s most knowledgeable collectors in the coins of Roman Egypt.

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Walty-Hüssy, Max (1882-1969)

Born in 1882, Max Walty-Hüssy built up an impressive collection of Swiss gold and silver coins, which he meticulously tended to with great passion, as his great-grandson remembers.

Witschonke, Richard Beyer (1945-2015)

Richard Beyer Witschonke is one of the best known collectors of coins from the Roman Republic.

Walter, John Whitney (1934-2018)

John W. Walter was a businessman and a passionate collector. The cousin of President Donald Trump put together a superb collection of Roman aurei, auctioned off as “The Men of Rome”. His collection of early American coins brought him the nickname “Mr. 1796”.