Travaini, Lucia

Lucia Travaini is one of the most renowned experts in the field of Medieval and Modern Italian coins. She currently teaches at the University of Milan.

Kolbe, George F.

George F. Kolbe has been active as a dealer in numismatic literature for fifty years. Under today’s name of Kolbe & Fanning Numismatic Booksellers, his company has not only a rich tradition, but is also the biggest auction house in this field.

Alram, Michael

Michael Alram is one of the most distinguished numismatists of our time who not only holds the highest functions at an international organizational level, but also organizes exhibitions that receive wide attention. His center of interest is the Ancient Orient.

Conzett, Jürg

Strictly speaking, Jürg Conzett is a financial analyst. With his MoneyMuseum, he tries to motivate people to reflect about their own attitude towards money and about money in general. To this end, he has assembled a coin collection, among other things.

Cederlind, Tom

As founder and owner of the auction house Tom Cederlind Numismatics & Antiquities, Tom Cederlind was specialized in Greek and Roman coins and objects.

Raab, Dieter

Dieter Raab (1938 2015) was one of the most prominent coin dealers in Germany. He began his professional career at the Münzen und Medaillen AG. In 1967, he took over the Frankfurt-based coin house Dr. Busso Peus.

Kirsch, Arne

Already as a student, Arne Kirsch began to work in the coin trade. Since then, on behalf of German and Swiss companies, he has prepared more than 250 auction catalogs and organized auction sales. He is also active at an organizational level in the international sphere.