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Slabaugh, Arlie R. (1925-2007)

Arlie R. Slabaugh was a collector and author of many books, among them many on paper money. He founded The Hobby Spotlite, and was by 1948 the first full-time dealer in world paper money in the United States.

Smedley, Glenn B. (1902-1987)

Glenn B. Smedley started his collecting career with U.S. Type Coins and paper money but is best known for his catalog of Brenner medals, which is now a standard reference.

Sheldon, M. Vernon (1901-1982)

M. Vernon Sheldon specialized in U.S. and ancient Greek and Roman coins. Later he collected US currency, particularly a group of the “coin notes” of 1890. Sheldon was an ANA President and, in 1941, secured the Chicago Coin Club life membership in the ANA.

Sneh, Harry Naftali (1953-2013)

Harry Naftali Sneh was an Israeli American coin collector who first specialised in currency. His following collection of ancient coins was sold by Harlan J. Berk in 2012 and 2013.

Signorelli, Angelo (1876-1952)

Dr Angelo Signorelli was a famous Italian humanist, physician to famous people and collector of Italian coins, and of ancient vases and coins, partly excavated by himself.

Sartiges, Louis Edmond Paul de (1859-1924)

The viscount and French diplomat Louis Edmond Paul de Sartiges possessed a remarkable collection of ancient Greek and Roman coins beside a collection of Japanese color prints.

Salton, Mark

Mark Salton was the son of the famous Jewish coin dealer Felix Schlessinger. With the end of the Jewish coin dealerships in Germany he moved to the USA where he built up a very impressive coin collection together with his wife Lottie.

Schlessinger, Max

To read the article on Max Schlessinger, please go to our Who’s who entry “Mark Salton”.

Steinberg, Gilbert (1920-2008)

Gil Steinberg, like many US collectors, had collected American currency, medallions and tokens, before building the collection of Roman coins which was sold in November 1994 by Numismatica Ars Classica and Spink Taisei.

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Elina Screen

Elina Screen is a medievalist and numismatist. Her main areas of interest are Anglo-Saxon and Carolingian coinage. She is President of the British Numismatic Society and General Editor of the Medieval European Coinage project.

Salton, Mark

Mark Salton war der Sohn des berühmten jüdischen Münzhändlers Felix Schlessinger. Mit dem Ende des jüdischen Münzhandels in Deutschland emigrierte er in die USA und baute dort gemeinsam mit seiner Frau Lottie eine spektakuläre Münzsammlung auf.

Harvey G. Stack

Harvey Stack was born into the rare coin business and grew up in a family of coin dealers. He worked in the coin trade and as an auctioneer for over 70 years, building numerous important collections and advocating for the coin trade and collectors.

Schenk-Behrens, Karla W.

Karla W. Schenk-Behrens was one of the first German women who entered the numismatic auctioneer business after the Second World War. In the 70s and 80s, she made her mark in the coin trade and influenced an entire generation of coin dealers.

Skingley, Philip

Philip Skingley (* 1972) managed Spink’s publishing division for 20 years before joining Coincraft in 2016. At Coincraft he is one of the Directors in charge of the day-to-day running of the business.

Sferrazza, Agostino

The doctor and passionate coin collector Agostino Sferrazza (* 1966) is President of the Liège Numismatic Association and contributes regularly to numerous publications of several numismatic associations.

Sedwick, Daniel Frank

Coin dealer and expert on coins of the Spanish colonies and on shipwreck coins Daniel Frank Sedwick (1968) is the owner of Daniel Frank Sedwick, LLC, a coin trading house located in Winter Park, Florida. Born in Winter Park, Daniel Sedwick studied physics and Russian at the Duke University in North Carolina and earned his […]

Stadler, Christoph

Christoph Stadler is a numismatist with a different academic background. After a career in chemistry, he founded a numismatic dealership in Bremen. Maybe that is the reason why he has such a sure sense for collectors. The Bremen Numismatic Society has been thriving since he started working on the board.

Starck, Jeff

Jeff Starck is Senior Editor at Coin World. He is an award-winning author with a focus on world coins. As a collector, he is especially interested in Missouri-related numismatics and exonumia.

Stoess, Christian

Christian Stoess takes a special interest in the collaboration of collectors, dealers, and researchers for the good of numismatics. He has been President of the GIG Society of Collectors for 25 years. After many years in the coin trade and several scientific posts, he is currently Research Associate at the Berlin Münzkabinett.