Numismatic Puzzle: Maravedí

This isn’t an Arab gold dinar. Pay attention to the cross and the abbreviation ALF: this coin was minted in the 12th century by Alfonso VIII, the Christian ruler of Castile. Maravedí was the currency used by Christians and Moors to conduct trade.

Numismatic Puzzle: Charlemagne

Under Charlemagne, the Frankish Empire reached its greatest expansion around 800 and experienced the so-called Carolingian Renaissance. Charlemagne also reformed the monetary system – today you can try your hand at a denarius featuring the ruler’s monogram.

Numismatic Puzzle: Knife Money

Commodity money including various tools had a long tradition in China. Knife money circulated for centuries, especially in northern China. This specimen from the Qi Kingdom dates to the 4th century BC.

Numismatic Puzzle: Darius

Today you will see the Persian King Darius the Great (ca. 522-486 B.C.) in a half-kneeling stance as brave archer on one of his gold coins. For a long time, these darics, which were named after him, were a popular means of payment throughout the Mediterranean world.

Numismatic Puzzle: Poseidonia

Today, we have a coin featuring a Greek god, who was believed to protect the cities of Southern Italy from earthquakes. It was a useful thing to have him on your side: after all, he caused the earthquakes himself. To see what he used to do this, take a look at the coin.

Numismatic Puzzle: Sybarite Bull

Incuse coinage was characteristic for the Greek colonies in southern Italy. Thus, the depiction on the obverse of coins of the city of Sybaris was always elevated, while the reverse featured the negative, deepened motif. The image is bursting with power: a mighty bull!

Numismatic Puzzle: Swissmint

Today you can try your hand at the federal mint of Switzerland. The reward is the façade of Swissmint in Bern!

Numismatic Puzzle: William II

Today we have a rupie from Africa with a German face for you. Solving the puzzle reveals the portrait of William II!

Numismatic Puzzle: Balancier

Today you can try your hand at a balancier. The reward is an amazing picture of this historical screw press!