Numismatic Puzzle: Huldigungstaler

Have fun with the puzzle!

Numismatic Puzzle: Mining

Have fun with the puzzle!

Numismatic Puzzle: Prague Groschen

Have fun with the puzzle!

Numismatic Puzzle: Charlemagne

Have fun with the puzzle!

Numismatic Puzzle: The Rolling Mill

In today’s puzzle you will deal with the rolling mill. The reward is a reconstruction of this machine, which revolutionised the minting of coins in the 16th century.

Numismatic Puzzle: Caesar as an Elephant

Today you will try your hand at a special denarius of Caesar. In 49 BC, in the midst of the civil war, the general chose a dramatic image: an elephant that tramples a snake. What do you think? Who is who in this political message?

Numismatic Puzzle: Greek Yin and Yang

This time, you will try your hand at a drachm from Istros on the Black Sea coast. The issue does not specify what the motif in the style of a Chinese yin and yang symbol depicts: the brothers Castor und Pollux, the trade up and down the river? Anyway: a fascinating beauty!

Numismatic Puzzle: A Rebellious Mint Master

According to its reverse, this denarius of Louis the Pious was minted in Venice. But the lagoon city wasn’t even ruled by the Carolingians! How is this possible? Does this coin testify to a plot of the mint master against his doge? …

Numismatic Puzzle: Augsburg

Rich Augsburg could afford to build massive fortifications. However, they did not stop the Swedes from conquering the city in the Thirty Years’ War. When this taler was minted in 1641, the Bavarians had just driven out the Swedes – but not for long. And Augsburg bled.

Numismatic Puzzle: Albert the Bear

In the 12th century, Albert the Bear gradually expanded his territory until the royal chancellery bestowed his conquests to him as the Margraviate of Brandenburg. How did he present himself? Put together an image of Albert depicted on one of his denarii.