The Most Expensive: Hohenzollern Coins and Medals

From the margraviate to the empire, from Franconia to Brandenburg and Königsberg: this time, we present in our record section the most expensive coins and medals from the territories ruled by the House of Hohenzollern.

The Most Expensive: British Coins

There are many rare and at the same time incredibly beautiful rarities and patterns among British coins that are always sold for high sums. Today we present the 10 British coins that realised the highest results. As always, only the most expensive specimen of every coin type is shown in the list to avoid repetitions.

The Most Expensive: US Banknotes Auctioned in 2020

Legal Tender Notes, Treasury Notes, Federal Reserve Notes, Silver and Gold Certificates: Today in our record section, we present the 10 most expensive US banknotes auctioned in 2020.

The Most Expensive: US Coins Auctioned in 2020

Today in our record section, we present the 10 most expensive US coins auctioned in 2020. European collectors are often surprised at the horrendous prices that can be achieved for US coins, which to them seem quite unspectacular – but when rarity and high demand come together…

The Most Expensive: Ancient Gold Coins

“To what crime do you not drive the hearts of men, accursed hunger for gold?”, old Virgil once wrote. This time, our record section presents the ten most expensive ancient gold coins and gold medallions sold at auction.

The Most Expensive: Coins of the German Empire

Today, our record section deals with the years between 1871 and 1918, and thus with the still highly popular field of collection among German collectors: we present the 10 most expensive coins of the German Empire sold at auction.

The Most Expensive: Electrum Coins

Today, in our record section we go back to the beginning of coinage and present the ten most expensive electrum coins. There are still many mysteries revolving around these pieces made from an alloy of gold and silver – however, their beauty and aura are undeniable.

The Most Expensive: Double Talers of the Holy Roman Empire

Today, our record section presents the most expensive double talers of the Holy Roman Empire. We have never seen such a neck-and-neck race as there is in this category: the ten most expensive pieces are spread over no more than three places…

The Most Expensive: Talers of the Holy Roman Empire

Our dream journey for collectors goes on, this time it’s the turn of lovers of talers. A price record has just been achieved. Find out which talers are today the most expensive talers struck in the Holy Roman Empire.

The Most Expensive: Medieval Bracteates

Bracteates are thin, fragile and one-sided coins common in medieval central Europe that have an impressive artistic image quality. We show the ten most expensive bracteates that have been sold at auctions.