The Most Expensive: Roman Denarii

The denarius was introduced in c. 211 BC and continued to be the most important Roman silver coin for 500 years. Today, we look at the most expensive Roman denarii sold in auction.

The Most Expensive: Tetradrachms

Today in our record section, we look at the most expensive tetradrachms sold in auction. These big silver coins worth four drachms are often of staggering beauty, which resonates in the prices realized today.

The Most Expensive: Russian Coins

It’s going to get expensive today. Russian Coins – especially those of the Romanov-Tsardom – are known for achieving enormous results in auctions. We present: The ten most expensive Russian coins sold in auctions. Eight of these ten coins were sold by only one auction house.

The Most Expensive: Sestertii

Worthless Bronze? Far from it! Roman sestertii in good condition can achieve staggering results. For many years a sestertius even held the record of the arguably most expensive Roman coin ever sold in a public auction! We present the ten most expensive sestertii sold in auctions.

The Most Expensive: Renaissance Medals

Today we go back to the Renaissance period, the golden age of medal art. Which ten pieces achieved the highest prices on the market? One stands out by far but the others are very impressive, too.

The Most Expensive: Aurei

Aurei, the gold coins of ancient Rome, are a popular field of collection. Here you can see what collectors with limited budgets can only dream of: the most expensive aurei ever auctioned off.

The Most Expensive: Shares and Bonds

Every year Franky Leeuwerck and other passionate scripophilists monitor auctions with bonds and shares, calculate the results and find the top lot of the year. Franky Leeuwerck sends us every year a more detailed article on each of these top lot items. To learn more about the story behind these shares and bonds, and why they achieved these sums, read his thrilling stories: