Numismatic Puzzle: Greenland Pillar Dollar

Have fun with the puzzle!

Numismatic Puzzle: Bracteate of Conrad of Wittelsbach

Have fun with the puzzle!

Numismatic Puzzle: Bullfight a la Picasso

Have fun with the puzzle!

Numismatic Puzzle: Emperor Leopold and his Ancestors

Have fun with the puzzle!

Numismatic Puzzle: The Siege of Corfu

Have fun with the puzzle! The piece of today’s puzzle comes from a Künker auction:
Greece / Corfu under Venetian administration. Gold medal of 15 ducats commemorating the defense of Corfu from 25 July to 20 August 1716, by P. H. Müller. From Auction Künker 391 (2023), lot 257. Result: 36,000 euros.

Numismatic Puzzle: A Zurich Horror Show

This 1512 Zurich silver taler appears to depict a horror scene: three people hold their heads in front of them. In fact, they are the city’s patron saints Felix, Regula and Exuperantius. They were persecuted and beheaded as Christians in ancient times – and thus became saints.

Numismatic Puzzle: Alexander the Great

Today you can try your hand at a tetradrachm of Lysimachus. The reward is a portrait of Alexander the Great!

Numismatic Puzzle: A New Capital for the Roman People

Today’s puzzle shows us how the Roman Empire moved its centre of power around 300: on this solidus, Roma presents the globe to Emperor Constantine the Great. From then on, it was no longer the old lady on the Tiber who played first fiddle but the metropolis on the Bosporus.

Numismatic Puzzle: Electrum Stater

Today’s puzzle is an electrum stater from Milet. After solving the puzzle, you can marvel at a roaring lion!

Numismatic Puzzle: The Noble

In 1340, England’s King Edward III defeated France in a sea battle – the beginning of the Hundred Years’ War. He celebrated this victory in 1344 with a new gold coin, the noble. For centuries, the noble was an extremely popular coin on the continent, too.